Flowers and plants fill us with energy, and make any space calming, inspiring and charming. They turn the most ordinary room into a place where you wish to stay longer. The flower decor is pleasing to the eye and creates a right ambience. Even rather small flower compositions are capable to add a magnificent accent to any occasion, to emphasize colours and even to change an emotional vibe. Very often flower arrangements can turn even a modest party room into a gorgeous ballroom. At the same time, the ideal composition always emphasizes the right style of the room and perfectly matches with its lighting and furniture.
A space without floral elements looks cold, uninspired and impersonal.  Interior decorations with fresh flowers are not always proper: insufficient lighting, dry air, lack of regular care of live plants – these and other reasons often force the designer to use artificial flowers or elements of an ikebana. Such compositions are not inferior to fresh flowers at all. The modern decorator has materials of the highest quality and tools in his arsenal which allow to recreate floral elements to the smallest details and match the colour almost identical to the real-life plants. Thanks to modern technologies any everlasting flower compositions executed by the master become a “jewellery”  with natural-looking plants, often becoming a better alternative to fresh flowers.